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Cual es aqui que podriamos intienden? No es moco de pavo.

  • Posted Jan 27, 2012
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HI are you asking what could be understand here?

moco de pavo = something small, unimportant

NO es moco de pavo...it is importantwink

  • Yes, Heidita, same meaning, trifles are small , unimportant things. Are you better? - annierats Jan 27, 2012 flag
  • Hoping you are better Heidita. what could be "understood" here... Do they mean, "What does this mean?" - katydew Jan 27, 2012 flag
  • I think that's what they mean, Katy. It's not very clear but they have their answer now, several good answers. - annierats Jan 27, 2012 flag
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For the literally minded:

alt text

Moco de pavo.

  • Ah, thank you gekks, that explains it all, you get my vote. - annierats Jan 27, 2012 flag
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No es moco de pavo

It's not to be trifled with/ or perhaps it's not a trifle..

We can help better with more context , please Daniel.

podriamos intender is probably meant to be 'podemos entender''

Or possibly, are you asking if there is anybody here who can help you understand?? It's not totally clear, at least not to me.

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Diría "Free of Complications"

I would say "Free of Complications"

" Como moco de pavo": en México se usa la expresión ' como moco de guajolote' (que es la palabra en el idioma náhuatl para pavo). El moco del pavo/guajolote es la parte que es flexible y suave, de color rosa , y es una especie de cartílago muy flexible. Es algo que es flexible y por lo tanto no tiene ninguna tensión, o sea, 'libre de complicaciones':

In Mexico they say "como moco de guajolote", as guajolote is the Naguatl word for turkey. This part of the turkey is flexible and soft, pink, and is a type of very flexible cartilage. It is something that is flexible and so has no tension, that is to say, Free of Complications.

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