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I have heard this phrase in movies as "Thank you very much" and I have heard it also means "I like it very much". Can this phrase have two meanings?

  • Posted Jan 27, 2012
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  • Bienvenido al foro Crazycat ¡mucho gusto! - Yeser007 Jan 27, 2012 flag

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Mucho gusto was introduced in Lesson 1.1. It most commonly used to mean "very nice (to meet you)" or "its a pleasure to meet you". Since it literally means "I like much", it could be used in other contexts as well.

Mucho gusto is ubiquitous --- there are many businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, in this country with this name. I found 7 songs by this name on iTunes!!

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I like it very much


Pleased to meet you

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Im please to meet you --- or

I like it very much

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Nice to meet you. This is what is there in the first lesson.

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It's a greeting. Pleased to meet you

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How do we do spainsh greeting?

  • Go up to the top of the screen, and highlight the "Learning" tab. Then click "lessons" and find "Spanish Greetings". - HCAStudent Feb 10, 2014 flag
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