la palabra "Jámas" en ingles. It's in the song that I'm bitting into sense from english to spanish, to english and back to spanish ? if that makes any sense.

en ingles: no way, I can't take it. en español: jamás, no puedo aguantarlo

so what exactly does jamás mean ? I found that it means "never"... but in the context of the song.... what does that word mean ? does it work equally with "no way" ? or do you know a better way of say. "no way".

Please help thanks.

  • Posted Jan 26, 2012
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When negative words were covered in my spanish class, the textbook listed "nunca" as "never" and "jámas" as "never" or "not ever." The here on SD lists it as either "never" or "nevermore."

en ingles: No way, I can't take it.

en español: Jamás, no puedo aguantarlo

Depending on the context, "nevermore" would make sense here. What is the context of the song? Who is he singing to and what about?

  • Jan 26, 2012
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