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  • Posted Jan 23, 2012
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In Mexico:

Bathroom = el baño.

Toilet = excusado

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From my travels, it appears there is some regionalism, between and within countries, on the word as it is such a common term. It also depends on whether you are referring to the entire room or just the toilet itself, or some part of it, and some people refer to them interchangeably. For both there are formal and informal terms.

el baño = bathroom

el excusado

el retrete (moreso here in the U.S., I think)

el inodoro = toilet itself

el wáter

el váter

In the area where I go in México, the locals refer to the toilet as el retrete, but the toilet bowl as la taza (i.e. bowl) as in this sign in our clinic's bathroom: Favor de no poner papel en la taza. with the English below as "Please don't put paper in the toilet." Of course, here they are referring to the toilet bowl.

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Los sevicios. ¿ Donde están los servicios?

El vater ( the actual toilet)

  • You know there is some humor to be had here.... in German, Father (aka Dad) is said "Vader" which unfortunantly sounds very familiar to "vater". - DJ_Huero Jan 23, 2012 flag
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Welcome to the SpanishDict forum, Anson :-)

This depends on whether you simply want the word for a toilet or whether you are asking for the toilet and would like to know how to find it /get there in order to use it wink smile LOL

You did not make this clear confused rolleyes

The word for the actual toilet bowl is un inodoro o un váter but you would not use either of these words to ask for the toilet in Spanish tongue rolleye red face

''Where is the toilet?'' = ''¿Dónde está el baño?'' (Esp)

I brought up this point with a native Spanish girl from Sevilla who helps me with my Spanish. She said that the word el baño is better because los servicios simply means services which could refer to a whole range of services including:

servicios sociales = social services

They might repond in Spanish Which services do you want?

whereas el baño is specific and commonly understood to refer to the toilet. I have found this to be true when asking for the toilet when I have been in Spain.

I am aware that in some places in Spain eg: airports the words/terms 'los servicios'' are used but my Spanish friend said they refer not only to the toilet/s but also wash-basins, and dryers etc...(anything in the washroom area)

I hope this helps grin

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  • Kevin, I think that it is funny that inodoro also means odourless which is far from the truth with many toilets hahahaha - FELIZ77 Jan 23, 2012 flag
  • Bearing in mind what was in common use before the toilet was invented they are quite odorless. :-) - KevinB Jan 23, 2012 flag
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Voy a ver al Señor Roca

I'm going to the toilet

Roca being a well known brand of Spanish sanitary wear - very informal though..

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Like in French.


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Bueno, aca en México, "BAÑO" cuando dices "voy al BAÑO" significa que vas a satisfacer una necesidad fisiológica, y no necesariamente a tomar una ducha, para este caso dices "me voy a bañar"; "voy a bañarme", "voy a tomar una ducha" "me voy a dar un regaderazo" etc.

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inodoro and excusado also used

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O "¿Dónde están los aseos? smile

  • Yes, that or sevicios seems to me the normal ones, I've never heard 'toilettes, as in french! - annierats Jan 23, 2012 flag
  • Sí, yo normalmente digo "aseos, servicios o baño", pero no es normal decir "toilettes" :) - Cordobesa Jan 23, 2012 flag
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in spanish a preposition comes before which part of speech

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No olvide, la taza de baño. Dicen esta frase en México. smile


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It is servicios!! smile

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In rural England we ' go behind a bush'. .

I started to wonder how it could be so different in Latin America.. Then I realized, of course: the conquistadores left before the invention of the flushing toilet.. This explains a lot, separate experssions have developed as this new invention became the norm.

In Spain, I would avoid asking for ' el baño, because you maay be shown to a bathroom or shower-room, with no toilet at all..

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