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It is popping up in my workbook.

  • Posted Jan 22, 2012
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  • Close the book and put a rubber band around it. Bandage tightly and take it to the doctor tomorrow. - annierats Jan 22, 2012 flag
  • lol - Elena_Delgad Jan 22, 2012 flag

7 Answers

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As Chileno said 'it hurts' (me)

So ...

Me duele la cabeza. My head hurts (me, obviously)


Me duelen las piernas. My legs hurt (me).

alt text

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You are working too hard. wink

It hurts! smile

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When it says "socorro", power down really fast before the battery runs out. wink

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Because it's reflexive, its: it hurts/pains me. It's related to dolor: pain.

Doler is an irregular verb.

Here is its conjugation.

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It hurts

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It hurts (me,) like my ankle hurts is me duele el tobillo.

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It can be emotional pain as well

Me duele por lo que me dijiste. What you said hurts me.

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