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what does meda mean?

  • Posted Jan 19, 2012
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  • Welcome to the forum , please accept your first vote :) - Kiwi-Girl Jan 19, 2012 flag
  • can you give us the sentence? maybe you mean mera? - unMica Jan 19, 2012 flag

7 Answers

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Have you seen it? Or have you heard it? I've only heard something similar in a sentence like this: "Me da a mí que mañana va a llover" smile

  • ah good point, well done, impossible to guess without context though isn't it :) - Kiwi-Girl Jan 19, 2012 flag
  • Yes, you're right, we need the context :) - Cordobesa Jan 19, 2012 flag
  • Me da, well noticed Bibi. - Eddy Aug 13, 2012 flag
  • Gracias :) - Cordobesa Aug 13, 2012 flag
  • Me da you are right - silvia61 Aug 13, 2012 flag
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Nothing. As far as I know, the word does not exist. Could you provde context: Did you hear it or was it sent to you in a message? My guess would be miedo; fear.. But without context , nobody can help you. It may even be an other language entirely.

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Are you sure it wasn't 'media' - media hora, half an hour or something like that? Context is always good wink

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Perhaps s/he means "Mida" the third-person subjunctive of "Medir"

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I work with children and I hear them say this often. The phonetic pronunciation is "meda”, but the correct spelling is mirar. They are saying, "look."

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When I first listened to spanish speakers telling me to look at something, I thought they were saying meda. Now I know it was mira.

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If you work with children you know it can be sh......

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