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I speak to some co-workers form Puerto Rico who have often times helped me in solving some tasks I've been involved in at work. I would just like to simply say, "Thank you, I really appreciate all your help" or someting very close to that in Spanish.


  • Posted Jan 19, 2012
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3 Answers

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Welcome to the forum.

If you are thanking one person, you can say "Le agradezco su ayuda."

If you are thanking more than one person, you can say "Les agradezco su ayuda."

Either way, finishing it off with "de veras, muchas gracias" would be a nice touch.

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If you speak very little Spanish, an easy solucion is to say something on the lines of :

Muchas, muchas gracias a todos, and smile lot, pat their shoulders and buy them a drink or two. I promise you, it will go down well.

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I would say ''Yo realmente aprecio tu/su ayuda. ''Su'' it's used to say for those who is not your friend and saying it respectfully

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