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What is the equivalent of the phrase, "He's a Mama's boy."

  • Posted Jan 17, 2012
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4 Answers

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niño de mamá niñito de mamá nene de mamá

are three possibilities, the second just adding to the first!

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Just seemed a bit odd that when entering "chiple" in the Search function, & nary a hit! Here in Northern México it's used with such frequency that I thought I would add it as a possible moniker for "mama's boy" =

Chiple: brat, or better still, spoiled brat [old slang from México]... some examples =>

  • estas chiple = you are spoiled
  • tus padres te tienen chiple = your parents have you spoiled
  • tu novio te chiplea = your boyfriend spoils you

It's very common to hear this term to describe how grandparents treat their beloved grandchildren... I think I have even heard/seen chiplado or some variation thereof... wink

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I guess it would depend on context. If you mean he is spoiled. I would say Él está mimado.

There are stronger slang terms but not for this forum.

If you mean he is a wimp then, Él está debilucho.

If he cries a lot, Él está un llorador

  • mimado = mollycoddled... learnt a new term... thanks gringo! - cristalino Jan 18, 2012 flag
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"Niño de mamá" is a term that carries with it the negative connotation of "mama's boy".

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