hoy es mi dia de descanso y estare en casa estudiando ingles

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Mira aquí: Prepositions.

La lista contiene los preposciones principales.

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Today is my day of rest and I will be at home studying English

The words of and at are prepositions

Other prepositions include the words:

in, into = en(esp) English example: I am going to put these flowers into a vase.

under/underneath = debajo (esp) English example: The dog is lying underneath the table.

above = arriba English example: I can see numerous stars in the sky, and the moon above is shining

I hope this helps grin



Here are a few notes about "in and at" in American English:

When someone is visiting someone else at the hospital:

The patient is referred to as being "in the hospital", the visitor is referred to as being "at the hospital" So if you say "Mary is in the hospital" that means she is a patient. If you you say "Mary is at the hospital" that means she is either working there or visiting someone.

If you are in the library looking for a book or reading you can say either: I am "in" or "at" the library.

If you say you are "at someone's house" that means you either outside or inside the house. If you say you are "in someone's house" that only means you are inside the house.

Some prepositions are used as part of a verb. These are called phrasal verbs. There are many. Here are a few: get on, get off, get out, get up, get in, put up. put on, put in, put off, take up, take off, take in, take out.

Enjoy your day!

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  • You are not (British) English I take it? Their use of "in hospital" differs from the U.S. usage. - 0074b507 Jan 16, 2012
  • No, American in speech and accent. I know some British peculiarities but don't have room to give you a butchers. - Jubilado Jan 16, 2012