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Answer it now plz

  • Posted Jan 13, 2012
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5 Answers

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¿Cómo eres tú?

This is "How are you" meaning "What are you like?"

I'm not going to answer it for you because I'm not you. wink Describe yourself in your native language, post your Spanish attempt at it, and we will correct you.

Here are some good adjectives to get you started.

And here are some more.

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Soy morena y joven.

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Soy alta, artística y morena. smile

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Soy gringa y de mediaedad. Soy de California. pero Vivo en KY. Soy una chica con el pelo rubio ,largo. y ojos marrones. Tengo un celular y tengo un direccion, privada y directa de email. Estoy buscando amigos, amigas con quienes puedo comunicar en espanol o ingles, no importa, para practicar mejorar el espanol. Soy tuscantory. Soy una persona que me agradezca la belleza y un sentido de humor.

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More context is needed.

I don't think it is a question, to begin with.

Plus, it seems to me that the OP is a troll or trying to poke fun at our expense. smile

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