What is yolo and you only live once in spanish? | SpanishDict Answers
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  • Posted Jan 11, 2012
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You only live once: Sólo vives una vez

Since Drake was just using the first letter of each word, I'd say just say Yolo.

Y - i griega

O - o

L - ele

O - o

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This post reminded me of this I saw once. If we got technical, though, it would most likely be a stem-changing verb and not to mention the accent on the vosotros conjugation is in the wrong place.

enter image description here

  • And the imperative, is it Yol! or Yod! ?? you've made me laugh. - annierats May 4, 2013 flag
  • i luv u - whalnars Sep 27, 2013 flag
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Solo se vive una vez

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