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I heard it being used, and though it seemed to be rather derogatory, I am not certain as to its meaning. (And it wasn't punto or whatever.)

  • Posted Jan 10, 2012
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2 Answers

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Punta is nothing else that the tip of something. They might be using it to meat "puta" the same way we say in English, "Oh shoot!!" in order not to sound too rude. I am just guessing.

  • I have heard "p*to" used in very rude and offensive ways. >. - NikkiRivera Jan 10, 2012 flag
  • yes, these are offensive words, but they are used often by some people - unMica Jan 10, 2012 flag
  • You are right Nikki, as far as I understand, the word you are referring to is used in Mexico. I never heard that word to be used that way where I am from . - farallon7 Jan 10, 2012 flag
  • Jeje, and that is where I live. =) - NikkiRivera Jan 10, 2012 flag
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deleted - question already answered

  • Punto means "point or period" Punta is a totally different word. ; ) - farallon7 Jan 10, 2012 flag
  • Thanks! :) - 0066c384 Jan 10, 2012 flag
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