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Please help me understand when and how to use this formula.. thanks! wink smile

  • Posted Jan 10, 2012
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verbs of motion + gerundio Read section II B.

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Seguir = to follow or to conitnue

Sigo comiendo = I continue eating

Seguí llorando = I continued crying

Seguir + gerund is used a lot in everyday conversation.

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(Gerundio) = Present continuous. This is when an action is currently happening. It always ends in "ing" in English, and "endo, ando" in Spanish. The problems is whether the verb is an irregular verb or a regular verb.

  • Regular verb: Keep the root of the verb and add "endo or ando"

-Correr = Corr...iendo., Cantar = cant...ando, etc.

  • Irregular verb: The verb can change dramatically. You just need to memorize the way is conjugated and get to know how to change the whole verb some times. They change a lot! Same as it is in English

  • Ser = Siendo, Reir = Riendo, Ir = Yendo, Seguir = Siguiendo

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Muchas gracias a todos!

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