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to frighten, to scare away, to scare, to shock

Special thanks to CentralAM for the idea for this word

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My Example:

Mi empresa está alquilando un depósito. Una mujer y yo estábamos visitando el depósito cuando vimos un ratón, la mujer se espantó y gritó mientras yo me partía de risa.

My company is renting a warehouse. A woman and I were visiting the warehouse when we saw a mouse – the woman was scared to death, and she screamed while I was laughing…

alt text

  • Buenos días Chris!. ... Una mujer y yo *estabamos* visitando el depósito cuando vimos un ratón, la mujer se espantó y gritó, mientras yo me partía de risa. - RaulSpaniard Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • Gracias amigo, tenía muchos problemas con esa frase......pero gracias por tu ayuda!! :) - 001a2987 Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • Hey Chris, wouldn't 'se espantó' be she 'got' a fright but 'se espantaba' be she 'was' scared? - Kiwi-Girl Jan 9, 2012 flag
  • Well, that does make sense - when you see a mouse, do you "get a fright" or are you more scared? (To be honest, besides in British movies, I have never heard of anyone "getting a fright") :) - 001a2987 Jan 9, 2012 flag

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Some neighbours of ours used to keep (ie: to have) a lion in their garden to frighten away intruders (burglars)tongue wink tongue rolleye smile LOL grin

= Algunos de nuestros vecinos tenían un león en su jardín para espantar (a?) los intrusos (eg; los ladrones) tongue wink tongue rolleye smile LOL grin

Editor's note's: This is not true but it just seemed to be a good example of a sentence where I could use the verb espantar = to scare/frighten away

Corrijan mi español, por favor grin

alt text

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Intenté acercarme unas aves bonitas para sacar una foto, pero antes de estuve bastante cerca, las espanté.

I tried to get close to some beautiful birds to take a photo, but before I was close enough I frightened them away.

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I saw on Marianne's flashcards that espantoso was used as awful which I thought was atroz.

espantoso to me mean scary.

A veces cuando no sabe una palabra o expresion en espanol es espantoso!

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Espanta perros de no los entiende

She fears dogs cause she doesn't understand them . alt text

  • Fixed your link. - Eddy Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • thanks - Tasear Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • birds,cat, dog all animals that relate to each other - Tasear Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • English - understanding understand?? In your Spanish sentence - entiendo is first person - are you sure this was your intent? - 001a2987 Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • wow, I made huge error. hopefully, I fixed it - Tasear Jan 8, 2012 flag
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He instalado una valla eléctrica para espantar los ciervos en mi jardín. Ahora pueden oír el ruido del transformador y así que no la tocan.

I installed an electric fence to scare the deer in my garden. Now, they can hear the noise of the transformer and they do not touch it.

  • He instalado una valla eléctrica para espantar los ciervos en mi jardín. Ahora pueden oír el ruido del transformador y así que no la tocan. - drvicente Jan 9, 2012 flag
  • thanks, drvincente - aocroc Jan 9, 2012 flag
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First Attempt: Siento, pero casas del terror estás no aterrador.

Second Attempt: Algunos personas están espantaron de las casas embrujadas, pero no soy.

Correction: Algunas personas se espantan con las casas embrujadas, pero yo no

Some people are frightened of haunted houses, but I'm not.

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A round-the-clock “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” channel: All Kardashians, all the time. How awful!

Un canal de televisión de «Al día con los Kardashian» día y noche: Los Kardashian todo el tiempo. ¡Qué espanto!

alt text

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¡Uuh! ¡Ohh! ¡Me espantaste! Pensé que fuiste fantasmo.

Boo! Wah! You scared me! I thought you were a ghost.

alt text

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I don't scare off easily. No me espanto fácilimente.

alt text

  • No me espanto... - drvicente Jan 9, 2012 flag
  • Oh dear will I ever learn?? thanks guys much appreciated. - jennyo45 Jan 9, 2012 flag
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My attempt: A better translation is below the photograph.

Rattlesnakes coil and rattle their tails to scare away predators.

Las serpientes de cascabel enrollan y la víbora cascabelea a su cola para espantar los predadores.

alt text

I had a great deal of trouble with the verb ¨rattle¨ and I wanted to thank several people for their help, which I'm doing through the International Café! Please [click here][2] for my short experience of how Spanish speakers and learners have warmed my heart!

@Vicente Is this one better and closer to everyday Spanish? smile

Las víboras de cascabel, se enroscan y cascabelean sus colas para espantar (ahuyentar) a sus depredadores.

[2]: Welcome to the International Cafésmile

  • Note, I don't have the post ready yet for the International Café or the above mentioned link! - bandit51jd Jan 8, 2012 flag
  • Well, the links are not perfect but clicking Welcome to the International Café link will share the experience.w - bandit51jd Jan 8, 2012 flag
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This horse has the perfect tail to shoo flies away.

Este caballo tiene la cola perfecta para espantar las moscas.

alt text

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Manchester City espantó Manchester United hoy cuando ellos mararon dos goales en la secunda tiempo.

Manchester City 2 3 Machester United.

  • Hola Roger, no olvides poner la versión en inglés... :) - 001a2987 Jan 8, 2012 flag
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