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tengo problema para traducir la frase " estoy que no me calienta ni el sol"

  • Posted Jan 5, 2012
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  • As you probably figured out, the sentence doesn't include the word cold. I am such that even the sun doesn't warm me is the literal sense. - Jeremias Jan 5, 2012 flag
  • agreed, it sounds like it would be written in an old book :P - unMica Jan 5, 2012 flag
  • I only read the news or some contemporary novels, but even I can sense what you mean. - Jeremias Jan 5, 2012 flag
  • it's not hard to understand, it's just archaic sounding - unMica Jan 6, 2012 flag

4 Answers

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I'm so cold even the sun couldn't warm me. Is this figurative or literal?

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It is not literal its more figurative. It's more like when a person its so depressed (upset) that nothing can cheer him up because they had a misfourtunate event. It would be something like this.
-Como estas? -Huy, ando que no me calienta ni el sol. -y eso por que? -pues es que ayer me asaltaron y me dejaron sin un quinto.

something like this.

  • I think you havemade a good point. - annierats Jan 6, 2012 flag
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I am with Jeremias here, and this does sound to me as an older form. I have heard the phrase used in the coldest times here but only by the older generation. It can be either literal or figurative as the person suffering indicates.

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Amigo ando que no me calienta el sol!! Pero porque amigo?pos porque es de noche pendejo.... jajajaja

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