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how to say "talk you later" in particular phone conversation or when you are buzy some one wants to talk you.

thank in advance. keerthi

  • I've put the most basic version I can think of, Ike, I hope it helps. Suerte! - annierats Jan 1, 2012 flag
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Shorter version: Hablamos más tarde..

Or: Podemos hablar un poco más tarde. We can talk abit later.

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It is possible, or even common, to replace the future tense with the present indicative when a future time is mentioned in the sentence. That's why it is correct in Spanish to say "te llamo mañana" even though we can't say "I call you tomorrow" in English.

Based on this, you could say "te hablo más tarde".

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All of the versions above are valid, probably the most common, annierats or lucie's.

another possibility:

Luego hablamos.

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In English, we say talk to you later. In Spanish, this would be te hablaré más tarde.

  • interesting. is there any short cut for this "te hablare mas tarde" - lkeerthi Jan 1, 2012 flag
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