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Can you give examples of when to use each one or are they basically the same word? I searched this question already and didn't find anything that would help out a begginer that's learning spanish. Thanks in advance!

  • Posted Dec 27, 2011
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igual is equal, not the same thing, but "equivalent" (worth the same) (= igual) 2 + 2 igual: 4

Also used as "very similar". Juan y Pedro son iguales (look the same). The important thing here is that Juan and Pedro are two people.

Mismo entails "the same thing". Clark kent y Superman son la misma persona.

But you also have these idioms:

Es lo mismo Es igual

have similar meanings (=it doesn't matter, it's the same)

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IF $1.5 = 1 pound sterling they are equal but not the same.

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Welcome to the forum!

Igual is equal

Lo mismo is the same.

My understanding is that they are interchangeable, but let's wait for a native Spanish speaking person to weigh in.

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This has been an interesting dilema for me also. Sort of splitting hairs. But, I have drawn a degree of "exactness".

For exmple:

You and your friend go to a restuarant. You both order a T-bone steak, medium well. You get your steak and your friends gets theirs. Theirs has more fat, bigger bone, not cooked the same.

You ordered that "same". But they are not "equal".

Basically, I think both can words can be interchanged but I try to use one over the other depending on the degree of exactness and precision.

You might buy the "same" clothing as your friend, but in the detail of the pattern and the qaulity, they are not the "equal". I"ve had the expierence where I have bought 2 pairs of pants, same brand, same size, but when you try them on, they don't fit the same. Same but not equal.

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Mismo, the same. Michoacan mexico & San Pancho Nayarite, possibly 2006, para voluntario mission para mi madre.

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