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To have spanish down fluently, how long would it take if you learnt it every night?

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It will completely depend on you, your learning style and how much you put in to it. But from my experience worrying about how long it will take is counter-productive. So just enjoy yourself and you'll find you'll learn a lot quicker. smile

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There are so many factors involved that it is hard to say. I can only speak from my own experience. I started really learning the language in Feb. 2009. Since the day I started I have not missed a day of studying the language in one form or another. After a year of studying on my own I took a placement test and enrolled into a University declaring Spanish as my major. Currently all the classes I take have advanced students and native speakers. I work with several people that only speak Spanish, which gives me an opportunity to speak the language all the time. Also, my brother in-law is from Perú and I am very close to him and his family so I speak with them a lot. Almost all of my good friends either study or speak Spanish. Nearly everything I read, listen to, or watch is in Spanish. All that being said, after almost three years of dedicating my life to learning the language I realize that I am only beginning. I hope that after 5 more years of study and obtaining my masters in Spanish I will be a little closer to my goal.

The reality is that learning a language is a very hard process that takes many years and a lot of dedication. Many people in my life that I consider fluent are still learning new things everyday. I think it is important not too worry so much about when you will be fluent, but rather to worry about the steps you are going to take to reach that goal.

¡Buena suerte!

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About 12 years, judging by my progress so far.

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Hello Hailey and welcome to the SpanishDict forumgrin

How long is a piece of string?

Seriously, what I am saying is that it depends on so many variable factors that no-one except God could probably give you a definitive answer!

These factors include:

1 The strength of your interest and motivation to learn Spanish and persevere when you face difficulties as everyone does when learning a new skill especially a second/foreign language.

2 How much time you dedicate to this task It normally takes years rather than months to become fluent in another language. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to learning a language, although living in a country where your chosen language is spoken and taking every opportunty to practise speaking it,on a daily basis with natives will certainly help (please see note on exposure factor, below)

3 How much exposure you have to your chosen language. If you go to live in a Spanish speaking country and immerse yourself in the language, studying for 4-5 hours each day, doing an immersion course in a Spanish speaking school eg in Spain, Mexico or Peru. and above all practising speaking to the Spanish speaking natives you will learn much faster and more effectively!

4 Any innate ability you might have to learn languages You will not know this until you start learning and we cannot tell you this. A Spanish native, especially a teacher would notice your abiility to learn the language quickly.

5 Any prefious experience you have in learning a foreign languageThis is especially true for languages haring a common root language eg: Spanish, French, Italian Portuguese and Romanian share the same root (foundation) language of Latin. If you were to learn Swedish I understand and believe that learning other Scandinavian languages such as Norwegian, Danish and Finnish would become a little easier.

These examples may only include a small number of the factors affecting success in learning another language.

If you do a search in SpanishDict you will find that this or similar questions have already been asked and answered countless times!

I hope this helps grin

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Hi, welcome to the forum, please make a search on the forum, this question has been asked many tmes before, thanks a lotgrin

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