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Can someone explain the difference between estamos and somos and when it is appropriate to use each one?

thank you!

  • Posted Dec 14, 2011
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2 Answers

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Hola the next link wiil help you, I am sure of that

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Buena suerte

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Thank you MOH1, that does help, but I was listening to a pod cast, Coffee Break Spanish, where they were in a restaurant and said "somos tres." As in, we are 3 for a table. I'm curious why he said it that way since they will not be permanently 3, but will be three only for dinner.

  • I am guessing, it is because they will be 3 for as long as their dinner lasted, and that time frame is what mattered to the waiter. Then again, it is just my guess. - mathslover Dec 15, 2011 flag
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