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Hello guys,

Im working on a spanish project. I want to say By: Dana but im not sure what by would be in spanish? Is by=par in spanish? If not can you please tell me how to say by in spanish?

I need a answer as soon as possible because it is due tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  • Por not par and Spanish is capitalized when written in English. - Yeser007 Dec 7, 2011 flag
  • Thanks- I realize that! I was in a rush well writing this and forgot to capitalize "Spanish".... Big Deal? - Day22 Dec 7, 2011 flag

3 Answers

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actually....i would say "por" ex) por: coolbeans

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a par means: in golf: 3=3 shots to get a par 4=4 shots to get a par 5=5 shots to get a par hope this helps :] unless your talking about a pear: it's a fruit...or it may be a vegstable...i don't know because i don't like pairs. goodluck! cool grin

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haha thanks so much... i meant to say what does par mean in spanish. red face raspberry

  • par means pair; un par de as=a pair of aces (poker) - 0074b507 Dec 7, 2011 flag
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