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Hi i need help with novio robado. and yes, i know what "novio robado" means....i just need help with the book/listening part. i don't understand. can someone give me a plot line of the events that happen in the story?

  • Posted Dec 7, 2011
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2 Answers

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What is el novio robado about can you give me a summary please?


its about this girl Maria Claudia that is getting married to a man named Carlos and so when Carlos is about to go get married at the registro civil he was kidnapped by a man in a black car because they thought that he had their suitcase that was filled with Money because the people that took him were bank robbers and in the end Maria Claudia hires a private investigator

  • also i don't understand the ending on episode 12..... - coolbeans123 Dec 7, 2011 flag
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I wonder, how you are going to be rated by his/her teacher. :-o

  • If he gets anything, but an F with that answer I would be surprised. That is hardly going to help that he obviously did not do the reading assignment that he was supposed to. - 0074b507 Dec 7, 2011 flag
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