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If the boss is a woman, does "jefe" change to "la jefa" or " la jefe"?

  • Posted Dec 7, 2011
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Here is a link to a previous question. Maybe it will help.

Lucía es una jefa o Lucía es un jefe o Lucía es una jefe??

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Hi and welcome to the forum. The dictionary has jefa (m,f ) I always assumed that this meant "la jefa", but now I'm not sure. See this link.

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Just use patrón instead. Your boss will like being called "master" and behind his/her back you can refer to them as the "slave-driver". Of course, that also defines your status. grin

  • So, in that case, Q, we'll have to settle whether she's going to be "patrón" or "patrona". I know which one I use... :-) - Gekkosan Dec 7, 2011 flag
  • Patrona? When did we switch topics to discussing about your wife? - 0074b507 Dec 7, 2011 flag
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