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Hi to my friends at Spanish dict.

My email has been hacked. People are getting emails from me that I am not sending. What should I do first? Any suggestions. This is new to me, it has never happened and I don't know what to do. Thanks for any help.

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Change your password.

Also, this article might help, skip on down to the treatment section.

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Change the password for your email. If the situation persists, you could switch emails.

There is a good possibility your email has not been hacked. It is probably out there on the web in many locations where anyone can see it. If that is the case, it may have been "harvested" by software that randomly sorts through the web collecting emails. This is quite common. The only thing to do is never post your email anywhere in a public forum.

This isn't uncommon. Messy and irritating, though. My sympathies to you. If it were me I would change my password and then wait a bit to see if it tapers off.

Good luck Maria.

  • Thanks Jeremias, I have never changed my password before. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • I was taking some piano lessons online, maybe that's how it happened. Anyway, I'm following all the instructions and I cannot find a change password option on yahoo. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
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You could also have a virus so a scan by antivirus software is probably a good idea also. If a virus is the cause, then you probably are using an email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to handle your emails.

You will want to warn everybody NOT to open emails from you until you get it sorted.

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Maria, which e-mail are you using? Hotmail, G-mail, yahoomail? The steps will be different for each provider. But usually it works like this. Log in, and then go to your profile OR account details. Then look for something that has to do with passwords. Then look for a button to click which says "change password."

For example, if you're using Hotmail, you would need to log in to your e-mail account with hotmail, then in the upper right hand corner you'll see your name next to an icon and a tiny little arrow next to your name. Click on the arrow, then a drop-down list will pop up, click account. Then you'll see something that looks like

Password: ********** Change

Click change and it will guide you through the process for changing your password.

You'll need to know your original password to change it, usually.

Also, if you don't have access to your account anymore (because the hacker has changed the password) you should be able to recover your account with the "forgot password" option.

  • I 'm using yahoo and I did follow the instructions but then there is no change password to click on. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • I followed all the instructions, but then yahoo did not give me an option to change password as they said in the instructions. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • I also tried the forgot my password option, but they connected me to microsoft which I'm not even on. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
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For yahoo...sign in to your inbox.

In the upper left hand corner, you will see your name.

Click on your name.

A pop-up menu appears.

Click on "Account Info"

You will be asked to enter your username and password again (even though you are already signed in).

Sign in.

Under the "Sign In and Security" heading, click on "change your password" option.

  • Hopefully you know your current password before doing this as it will be required. If your email has been hacked, it's possible it's been changed by the hacker...in which case, I have no idea what to do. - webdunce Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • Thanks webdunce, but I already did all this. My problem is there is no change your password option under the sign in and security heading. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • Wow, something is very wrong, then. - webdunce Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • I definitely have that option. - webdunce Dec 3, 2011 flag
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You may find some help here.

  • Thanks webdunce (do I have to call you that?) I bookmarked that page. - Maria-Russel Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • You can call me Web or William, if you prefer. Or even just Will. - webdunce Dec 3, 2011 flag
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I finally changed my password, but it was not easy. I talked to somebody from I don't know where and he helped me for 45 minutes. Hopefully, I'm o.k, now. Thanks everyone. Now, what next, we need that on our verbal phrases.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm still trying to find a place to change my password on yahoo. I followed all the instructions but I do not get a change password option.

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