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Hoy yo he aprendido 'verbos de cambios',

y Habia un ejemplo :'yo me he puesto como una moto' en este caso. Que significa?

  • Posted Nov 29, 2011
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I would try some of the contexts given in the link, but without more context, I can't even guess. (e.g. if he became still and silent...maybe the stone milepost)


hmm. una moto...must be a una motocicleta; not el moto o la mota

alt text mojón

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"Moto" can refer to what we would call a "4 wheeler". In Mexico they are all over the place in many of the smaller cities because a driver's license is not required to operate one. What could that mean in the case of your sentence? Who knows?

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Not sure if this is correct, but in Argentina" we say "bajate de la moto", when somebody is getting heated up about something, meaning "slow down".

So, my guess is that it means something like "I got very angry".

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