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I just bought a new microwave oven. It's an "over the range" model, which will be installed above my stove (range) when my electrician can get scheduled.

So the LG corporation makes these appliances and tries to be bilingual in the packaging and instructions. On the box it says,

Horno microondas

Sobre la gama

I can't understand "gama" here as being a stove ("range"), as all the definitions for gama that I know and can look up never mentions a stove. I had a good laugh, thinking how much this company might be using translation software.

I hope I'm wrong, please comment if you know better, but I can either laugh at LG corporation, or I can laugh at myself. smile

In case you don't believe it's really "gama" and not "cama", here, look!



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Gama significa catálogo de producto, por lo que entiendo que "Sobre la gama" es "Top of the catalog" or "Top of the range".

I think it's an American Spanish expresion, we don't use it here in Spain.


  • Oh, si te entiendo bien, creo que en inglés diríamos "Number one in its class." - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • También usamos "Best in class"...es igual. - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • "Top of the line" is most common. - lorenzo9 Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Sí, lorenzo, tienes razón. - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • me parece lógico, genial barney, no lo había oído nunca en este contexto - 00494d19 Nov 24, 2011 flag
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Wow, now that I see the picture...do you think this can mean

This side up?

that is gama being the red line, and you have to place the box ON that red line, to get the parcel upright .

  • "Place this site up" should be "This side up" and upsight should be upright. - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Ahora, quiero ver el lado inglés. - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • He añadido otra foto para ver el otro lado. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • I think the red line shows where it is safe to cut the box, to reach the oven for installation. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • gracias web, jeeez, no idea - 00494d19 Nov 24, 2011 flag
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Ja ja, incluso el RAE indica que gama significa "range" con el sentido de "range of colors" o similar.

Tal vez "sobre el horno."

  • My guess would be "sobre la estufa". - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Or encima de estufa. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
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I'm sure it's a word lookup translation, whether a machine was used or not. One of the English-Spanish definitions of gama as a noun is range, but it's not that kind of range.

The funniest one I've seen is the translation of the word here for chowder: chupe.

  • That's my guess, now. It's made in China, as the second photo shows. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Do not get it why it's a word lookup translation if it's made in China. - cindybuenasu Nov 27, 2011 flag
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¡Hola, Pesta!

Entendí mal tu pregunta


  • Probablemente, esto han escrito por trabajadores chinos. No hablan español muy bien, lo creo. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Most likely, cogu, it is a literal word-for-word translation of "over the range" (like it says on the English side of the box). In English, however, range can be used to mean stove...but gama can't be used that way. - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Over-the-range microwaves are designed to be installed directly over the stove, by the way. - webdunce Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Ah, no había visto el lado inglés... hehe. Qué tonta soy - cogumela Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Sí, también estaba pensando en que esto no era el mejor uso de la palabra "sobre". - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
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Sobre la gama - On the range. red face

  • Very literally, word-for-word. Looks like the dunce corner for those Chinese workers! :) - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Can I join them , I like their food. - ray76 Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Indeed, I agree. I forgive them. :) - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • Did you buy it from some "cowboys" pesta? - ian-hill Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • I bought it from one of a couple of big home-improvement stores, that have both trended to support English/Spanish throughout their stores and product. They're trying. :) - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
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Segun lo que tengo entendido cuando hablamos de gama en electrodomésticos hablamos de nivel de prestaciones. Baja gama = básicos o con tecnologia ya obsoleta o antigua. Alta gama = caros y muy sofisticados. Cuando hablamos de un microondas "sobre la gama" podemos decir que ofrece un nivel de prestaciones dentro de la media para lo que actualmente existe en el mercado, o quizá un poco más.

  • Gracias, korso. Si comparas las dos fotos, se puede ver la traducción deseada. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
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I found this thread over at wordreference.com. And, in it, I found a Spaniard explaining to another native Spanish speaker about what "over-the-range" meant...

"over-the range" se referie a que el microondas se fija o coloca por encima de la estufa/cocina

  • I also saw that in my initial research, thanks. They offered no justification for "sobre de gama" of course. :) - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
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My dictionary says this

gama = range

una amplia gama de colores/productos / a wide range of colours/products

Maybe LG used my dictionary grin

  • They all say "gama = range" but never the sense of "range" that means "stove" - jeje :) - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
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Pesta; I think they mean Top of the Range ( the best)

It could also, of course mean, place it on top of the range ( on top of the cooker) but this is likely to cause a plastic meltdown.

It could mean that it should be placed well above the range, i.e, in a high-up position ( very inconvenient).

A range can be an oldfashioned cooker, it usually burns wood or coal ( Aga's and Raybunrs are ranges). If you bring it to Dunce's Corner, make sure it travels This side up!

LOL what a funny description.

  • This model is definitely made to mount under cabinets above the stovetop. - pesta Nov 24, 2011 flag
  • There is something to be said for barbeques too... - annierats Nov 24, 2011 flag
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cama es bed

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