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We have a restaurant named El Gallo Giro. I know El Gallo but am not sure of Giro

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El "Gallo Giro" es un término usado entre los criadores de gallos de pelea y se refiere a los gallos que tienen un plumaje blanco o plateado desde su cabeza, su cuello y su lomo, como si tuvieran una capa plateada.

Otro tipo de gallos de pelea es el "Gallo Colorado" que es un gallo que en lugar de tener plumas plateadas las tiene rojas y las plumas de su pecho son negras.

"Gallo Giro" is a term used for the rooster fighting breeders and refers to the roosters that have white or silver feathers from his head, neck and back, like if they are wearing a silver cape/cloak.

Other kind of rooster fighting is "Gallo Colorado" is a rooster that have red feathers instead silver and its chest is black.

Gallo Giro

alt text

Gallo Colorado

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Hi Stuartshoema and welcome to the forum smile

If there is an accent on the o of "giro", el gallo giró, then it means "the rooster turned". It might be another way to say "weathercock" although the SD Dictonairy says that would be "la veleta".

Hope this helps!

Saludos, Chica

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