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Our phrasebook has this entry

to each his own = sobre gustos no hay nada escrito

is the Spanish correct?

  • Posted Nov 20, 2011
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as already mentioned:

cada loco con su tema

cada quien su gusto

sobre gustos no hay nada escrito

cada quien con su pareja

Y hay más, los cuales no recuerdo en este momento.

  • Excellent summary, you get my vote but everyone is free to choose. - annierats Nov 21, 2011 flag
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  • I wanted a list chileno so thanks - Each to his own but I assume you will like the 20 points for being accepted - ian-hill Nov 23, 2011 flag
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I think this may be a matter of regionalism. The phrasebook version makes perfect sense, however in Mexico, "A cada quien su gusto" is common.

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  • Entre gustos no hay disgustos. Para gustos se hicieron los colores


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The best English version I've heard is, "Everyone is entitled to their own ridiculous opinion!"

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Well, that's a matter of taste.
What would be wrong with it?

  • Because in my opinion "sobre gustos no hay nada escrito" is closer to "nothing is written in stone" - ian-hill Nov 20, 2011 flag
  • Fair enough Ian, I didn't think of that one. We all have our pet pigeons.. - annierats Nov 21, 2011 flag
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I'll bet it is Ian. Like so many other roundabout ways of saying things in Spanish why should this be any different. There is nothing in writing when it comes to personal taste-to each his own.

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The irony of the responses to question is great! So many ways to express this thought...I guess, to each his own!

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Es cierto...cada loco con su tema. LOL

  • Y cada tema tiene su locura - JulianChivi Nov 20, 2011 flag
  • This is a most informative lot of answers, just pick and choose. - annierats Nov 21, 2011 flag
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In English is the same:

Just one that I can think of at this moment...

Different folks, different strokes


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hmmm Pesta:

How about..."opinions are like one's behind, everybody has got one" wink

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Otra opción:

Al que le gusta le sabe...

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I think you can also say

''A cada cual lo suyo''


''Cada persona a su propio gusto''

I hope this helps grin

  • I've heard this too: "a cada cual lo suyo." - --Mariana-- Nov 23, 2011 flag
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