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Yes, please share wiith me your quick way of doing this ...thanks in advance lads n' gents ......

  • Posted Nov 15, 2011
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One thing I've learned when dealing with Fahrenheit to Celsius (I'm a Fahrenheiter myself), is to simply stop worrying about what one would be when converted to the other. Simply get used to what x degrees Celsius feels like. Know that water freezes at 0 and water boils at 100. Room temperature is about 20 - 22. I find that to be an easier method than worrying about exact numbers.

  • I agree. If you have a temeprature of 40C you're ill. 37C is normal bodytemperature, a useful reference you always have with you. - annierats Nov 15, 2011 flag
  • Maybe he needs to know what someone's temperature is, and only has a Celcius thermometer, or something like that.... - Gekkosan Nov 15, 2011 flag
  • And body temperature is 37 C - pesta Nov 15, 2011 flag
  • I wsas brought up on Celcius and actually have never really adapted, it works fine! - annierats Nov 15, 2011 flag
  • Anyway, there are charts. - annierats Nov 15, 2011 flag
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Certainly we're here to help. Let me show you how:

  • Hey that is kewl, how did you do that? - Kiwi-Girl Nov 15, 2011 flag
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