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This thread is for anyone wanting to practice Spanish or English.

~ Phrases must be greater than 4 words and less than 4 sentences.
~ No translator use - ever
~ Responses must be posted in Spanish and English
~ Please correct your post if told to do so
~ A best answer will be chosen [the one that has been properly corrected and has received the greatest number of votes]
~ Pictures are always welcome

The Spanish corrector is Señorita Coffeelate. Make sure you correct your Spanish if Coffee tells you to do so!

Coffee was kind enough to agree to correcting this thread. Saying "thank you" to her is a must.

Remember, Coffee is learning English. As she corrects our Spanish, be sure to help her out with her English, too!

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You are a famous chef and will be cooking at a convention next week. To prepare for your visit, the staff at the convention center needs to set up your cooking area. Write a letter to them explaining what you will cooking and the ingredients and appliances you will need. alt text comments

Eres un chef famoso y vas a cocinar para un congreso la semana que viene. Para prepararse para tu visita, el personal del congreso debe arreglar tu área de cocina. Escribeles una nota para expicar lo que vas a cocinar, los ingredientes y los electrodomésticos que necesitarás.

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  • Eres un chef famoso, y vas a cocinar para un congreso la semana que viene. Para preparse para tu visita, el personal del congreso debe arreglar tu área de concina. Escríbeles una nota para explicar lo que vas a cocinar, los ingredientes,... - Gekkosan Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • y los electrodomésticos que necesitarás. - Gekkosan Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Thanks so much, Gekko! - SonrisaDelSo Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • I'll come back tonight to check your posts. I hope to have many nice posts. Thank you for participating! - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • para prepararTE para tu ... :) Nice idea Sonrisa! Hola Coffee, nice to see you too! - - Kiwi-Girl Nov 11, 2011 flag

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Hello, I will need an oven, a little bit of ketchup, a bag of bread and one of your best dachshunds.

Hola, voy a necesitar una estufa, un poco de catsup, una bolsa de pan y uno de tus mejores "salchichas"

alt text!

  • Jejejeje!! "...ketchup" (no capital K) and **dachshunds** :) - SonrisaDelSo Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • I admit, I had to look up how to spell 'dachshunds'. That's a hard word to spell! - SonrisaDelSo Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Thank you Dakie :D. "dachsunds" is a new word for me. And "catsup" is correct, but I prefer to say "salsa de tomate"...Nice picture :} - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • "Dachshund" is a type of dog for anyone who does not know :) - SonrisaDelSo Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • You've got my vote Dakie! - territurtle Nov 11, 2011 flag
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Dear sir:

My brother owns a chicken farm and will supply you with very fresh chickens. You can help by baking the bread, and grating the cheese. The secret for making good chicken burgers is to use the freshest ingredients.

Estimado señor:

Mi hermano es dueño de una granja de pollos y le proveerá a ti usted de pollos muy frescos. Puedes ayudar a hornear el pan, y rallar el queso. El secreto para hacer buenas hamburguesas de pollo es usar de los ingredientes más frescos.

alt text

  • You always make me smile Pesta =0 Just a typo ¨le proveerá a usted¨. Bien hecho! - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • ¡Gracias, Coffee! - pesta Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Pesta, can we form a team? Although I need 50 of these tiny babies. - annierats Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • :) - pesta Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Now you need 50? wow! I would like to enjoy your party :0 - 00a4c226 Nov 12, 2011 flag
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Voy a estar cocinando espaguetis a la boloñesa con salsa de tomate casera. Aparte de los espaguetis, un gran olla, mucha agua y aceite de oliva de primera calidad, necesitaré un montón de ajo, un montón de albahaca y tomates y algunos voluntarios para ayudar a aplastar los tomates.

I will be cooking spaghetti bolognese with homemade tomato sauce. Apart from the spaghetti, a big pot, lots of water and some good quality olive oil, I will need lots of garlic, lots of basil and tomatoes and some volunteers to help crush the tomatoes.

alt text

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A quien esté interesado:

Para este congreso, voy a preparar los sándwiches de club, sopa de vegetales, hamburguesas, papas fritas, helado, y pastel, Necesito estos electrodomésticos: un horno de microondas, una estufa, una nevera, y un horno. Dime cuantas personas van a asistir y entonces puedo dile decirte cuantos ingredientes que necesito. Gracias

To who this may concern:


To whom this may concern

For this meeting, I am going to make club sandwiches, vegetable soup, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream, and cake. I need these appliances: a microwave, a stove, a refrigerator, an oven. Tell me how many people are going to attend and then I can tell you how many ingredients I need. Thanks

  • I hope this isn't too long.. - sanlee Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Not at all, Sanlee, this is wonderful. "To **whom** this may concern..." - SonrisaDelSo Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • You are very painstaking and propose not only the main course, but the whole event - porcupine7 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Well done Sanlee :} I hope you don't mind my corrections. Thank you for participating. - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • NIce job! :) - SusanaEspana Nov 12, 2011 flag
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Quisiera cocinar una sopa gulasch al caldero , así me que necesito un caldero , carne de vaca , patatas, verduras y especias. Lo mejor sería a la cocinarla en el fuego abierto.

I should like to cook a goulash, so I need a cauldron , beef, potatoes , vegetables and spices. It would be best to cook on open fire.

  • I **would** like...**potatoes** (assuming you need more than one). It would be **best** (no 'the' needed). Excellent, porcu!! - SonrisaDelSo Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Thanks Sonrisa - porcupine7 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Nice job Porcupine. Just few typos. - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Muchas gracias coffeelate - porcupine7 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Con gusto - 00a4c226 Nov 12, 2011 flag
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Muy señor mío, Espero que va a tener confíanza en mí. Necesito solamente veinte pollos vivientes , un cuchillo muy afilado, y un extintor aprovado. Señor, tiene que aceptarlo a ojos cerrados, resultará una fiesta inolvidable. Un saludo, Annie

Dear Sir, I hope you will have every confidence in me. I only need 20 chickens, still alive, a very sharp knife and a proper fire extinguisher. Put your trust in me and you will have an unforgettable party.

Yours sincerly..


  • Ay tu estas valiente, puedes sobreponerte con dos pollos - porcupine7 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Hi Annierats! You mean "pollos vivientes"...It looks like the chicken just escaped from your hands :D - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Yes, perhaps we should make it 20? it doesn't look very fat! - annierats Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • I've altered it, after all I can't be expected toperform miracles. - annierats Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • JAjajaja =O What kind of food is he eating? light? - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
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Dear sir, I am going to sweeten peoples tung and heart by giving them the taste of Rosogolla. For that, I need milk, refined flower, citric acid dissolved in lemon juice, sugar, water and rose essence. I also need a micro oven, pan etc.

Estimado señor: voy a endulzar la lengua y el corazón de la gente dándoles el sabor de Rosogolla. Para hacer eso, me falta leche, flores refinada, ácido cítrico disuelto en jugo de limón, azúcar, agua y olor de la rosa. También necesito el horno de la microonda y sarténes etc.

alt text

  • Tongue and heart. - ray76 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Indian food? mmm...very tasty :D - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • I prefer to say "esencia de rosa", but your job is great! - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • "**Tongue** and heart" :) Very good! - SonrisaDelSo Nov 12, 2011 flag
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Quiero un gran caldero , 10 galones de aceite, y muchos plátanos.

I want a large pot 10 gallons of oil and a lot of bananas .

alt text

  • Hahaha - I should have seen this coming! :) - pesta Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Very nice Ray! I bet you are a good cook. Fried plantains are delicious +_+ - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Mate , when you are on a good thing ," stick to it " . Thank you . - ray76 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • You are not wrong coffeelatte I ate my weight in them , I could inhale them . - ray76 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Very versatil photo,Ray. :o) - katydew Nov 12, 2011 flag
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Estimados señores:

Para mis 'fans' al congreso, voy a preparar una receta que hice yo mismo: mi tarta célebre de fresas y manzanas. Naturalmente, es preciso que tenga varios kilos de fresas y manzanas en una proporción exacta de uno a cinco. También necesitará harina fina, y debe ser sólo de la marca "White Wings" ("Alas Blancas"): es la única que uso.

Además, hay que asegurarse de que no me hable nadie a mí (or "que nadie me hable", ni siquiera una sola palabra, cuando preparo la masa; si alguien me perturba la concentración durante este procedimiento delicado, pronto se enterará de que es el chef que quien tiene los cuchillos en la cocina!


My dear sirs,

For my fans at the congress, I'm going to cook up a recipe of my own making: my celebrated strawberry-and-apple pie. Of course it is necessary for me to have several kilos of strawberries and apples in an exact proportion of one to five. I'll also need fine flour and it must be 'White Wings' ' only: I never use any other.

Also, you must make sure that nobody speaks to me, not so much as a single word, while I am preparing the pastry; if anyone breaks my concentration during this delicate process, he'll soon discover that the chef is the one who has the knives in the kitchen!" cool grin tongue wink


alt text

  • I like your post Achsan, and I wrote some suggestions for you. Thank you for posting! - 00a4c226 Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Thanks for pointing everything out, coffee! :) - Achsah Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Con gusto! - 00a4c226 Nov 14, 2011 flag
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  • -To the kitchen crew: Tomorrow we'll celebrate the Internacional Day of
    Potato. So, we are going to prepare
    steamed potatoes, scrambled eggs,
    boiled eggs, cereal, fruit, coffee,
    apple juice and orange juice for
    breakfast. For lunch, we'll have
    potato salad, potato soup, mashed
    potatoes and sweet potatoes. For
    dinner, we are going to have potato stew, vinaigrette potatoes,
    garlic potatoes, potatoes with
    onion, baked potatoes, and potato
    juice. I need you to receive and peel one hundred bulks of potatoes you will need to take delivery of and peel the bulk lot of 100 potatoes,
    which will arrive tonight. Happy Potato Day. Al equipo de la
    cocina: Mañana celebraremos el Día internacional de la Papa. Por lo
    tanto, vamos a preparar papas al
    vapor, huevos revueltos, huevos
    cocidos, cereal, fruta, café, jugo de manzana y jugo de naranja para el desayuno. Para el almuerzo,
    tendrémos ensalada de papas, sopa de papa, puré de papas y papas
    dulces. Para la cena, vamos a
    tener papas guisadas, papas a la
    vinagreta, papas al ajillo, papas con cebolla, papas al horno, y jugo de
    papa. Necesito que reciban y pelen
    cien bultos de papas, las cuales
    llegarán esta noche. Felíz día de la papa smile

    alt text

  • Thank you for your corrections! - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • potato stew.... garlic potatoes.... You will need to take delivery of and peel the bulk lot of 100 potatoes ....Happy 'Potato Day' - Well done coffee :) - Kiwi-Girl Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Thank you kiwi! - 00a4c226 Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • de nada you did very well :) - Kiwi-Girl Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Wow! That's quite a list of potato dishes! - SusanaEspana Nov 12, 2011 flag
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alt text

Dear sirs.

I´ll wish to cook for the next week a piglet barbecue, It is a very tasty, cheap and simple recipe and I'm sure it will be a succesful successful between all the no non vegetarian people. For that purpose I will need 2 or 3 piglets but I beg you, I don't want you to kill them. They are so cute, . I don't have a hard heart, . If I would have to kill them that will broke break my heart. Please you must have dead piglets when I arrive to the congress. Also I want that the piglets are to be properly cuts cut and so I can put them in on a stick over the hot coals. And yes, It it seems that I am lazy, but remember I am a famous chef. for For that reason my main task will be just to prepare an herbs sauce to marinate the piglets and to smile for the media, TV, magazines etc.

Sincerely yours. XtiagoX

Estimados señores.

Desearía cocinar para la próxima semana un lechon a la parrilla. Es una receta sencilla, sabrosa y barata y estoy seguro que será un éxito entre los no vegetarianos. Para tal propósito necesitaré 2 o 3 lechones pero le suplico, yo no quiero matarlos. Son tan lindos y no tengo un corazón de piedra, si tuviera que matarlos eso me rompería el corazón. Por favor ustedes deben tener lechones ya muertos cuando yo llegue al congreso. También quiero que los lechones estén propiamente cortados y puestos en una varilla sobre las brasas. Y tal parece que soy flojo, pero recuerde que soy un chef famoso y mi tarea principal sólo será preparar una salsa de hierbas para marinar los lechones y sonreir para los medios, televisión, revistas etc.

Atentamente suyo: XtiagoX

  • Great post Xtiagox! You are very clever - 00a4c226 Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Muy gracioso! - SusanaEspana Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Very well done, Xtiagox. I have edited your English right in the post due to its length. :) Keep up the good work! - SonrisaDelSo Nov 12, 2011 flag
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alt text

Estimados Clientes:

Prepararé una paella muy grande para toda la gente que asiste al congreso. Necesitaré una paellera gigantesca sobre un gran fuego de leña. También usaré mil tomates cortados en pedazos pequeños, cien ajos enteros, cien cebollas cortadas en pedazos medianos, doscientas rebanadas de pimiento rojo, cincuenta galones de aceite de oliva, dos mil libras de arroz, mil muslos de pollo y mil libras de fruta de mar mariscos. Y cien ayudantes para mezclar, cocinar y limpiar todo.

Esteemed Clients:

I will prepare a huge paella for the people that attend the conference. I will need a gigantic pallea pan over a huge wood fire. I will also use one thousand tomatoes cut into small pieces, one hundred whole garlic, one hundred onions cut into medium pieces, two hundred slices of red pepper, fifty gallons of olive oil, two thousand pounds of rice, one thousand chicken thighs and one thousand pounds of seafood. And, one hundred helpers to mix, cook and clean everything. tongue rolleye

  • :) Very creative, Susana - SonrisaDelSo Nov 12, 2011 flag
  • Excelent! You are going for a record := Just few typos. - 00a4c226 Nov 12, 2011 flag
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I will be making paneer makhani, naan, bhindi, and chicken tikka. I need paneer, tomatoes, cream, bread, okra, chicken, and lots of spices. I would like to have two blenders, an oven, a stovetop, and two frying pans.

Voy a cocinar paneer makhani, naan, bhindi, and chicken tikka. Necesito paneer, tomates, nata, pan, okra, pollo y muchas especias. Quisiera tener dos licuadoras, un horno, una estufa, y dos sarténes.

alt text alt text

  • Excelent job :) Is this your typical food? I mean, from your country? - 00a4c226 Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • mmmm that naan looks good enough to eat je je:) - Kiwi-Girl Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • This looks soooooo good! We have a lot of Indian people where I live, so I know how good this must taste! - SusanaEspana Nov 12, 2011 flag
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I really want to see pictures for this one. smile

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