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I am in prison ministry and want to better communicate with the Hispanic population the good news of Christ

  • Posted Nov 9, 2011
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Alaba (Praise) & El Señor (Lord) = Alaba El Señor


Alabado sea El Señor

  • I think it would be "Alaba al Señor", but not sure. I have heard "Alaba a Dios", as well as, "Gloria a Dios" which seems to be used as often as "Praise God" is in English although it means "Glory to God". - Goldie_Miel Nov 9, 2011 flag
  • Hope that makes sense. Gloria a Dios = Glory to God; When I've gone to Spanish-speaking churches, I heard that more than "Alaba al Señor"/"Praise the Lord". In English, it seems vice versa to me. - Goldie_Miel Nov 9, 2011 flag
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