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  • Posted Nov 7, 2011
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The simple answer:

It takes many years to speak Spanish fluently

The complicated or detailed answer

Do you mean How can I learn to speak Spanish fluently in a short time?

What do you call a short time? How quickly are you trying to learn it? Do you mean days, weeks, or months?

There are different levels of ability and if you simply want to be able to say

''Hello, how are You? ''or ''What is your name?'' you could probably learn how to say that in a matter of minutes, or hours, or 1-2 weeks if you want to remember it and use it confidently. However, I am not saying that you would be able to pronounce it with much accuracy in such a short time because it takes a lot of practice to develop good pronounciation and many years to develop a credible/authentic Spanish accent.

People don't become fluent in a language in days or even weeks, even people who are gifted in speaking languages! It usually takes years perhaps between 2 and 5 years for people with some ability who are also living in the country where their chosen language is spoken and hearing and speaking only the language they are trying to learn ... in your case Spanish!

I am sorry to disappoint you if you were trying to learn to speak Spanish in a matter of days, weeks or months but you do need to be realistic! Any new language takes time to learn, and young children learning their native language usually take between 4-6 years to reach a level where they can confidently take part in a conversation. Adults are not learning to speak in the same way as children but it still takes time to build up a big vocabulary.

If you were to go to live in a Spanish speaking country as an adult eg Madrid in Spain and study Spanish through the immersion method in a local language school where everything is taught using only your target language ofd Spanish and practise it with natives for many hours a day eg at least 5 hours every day you might be able to learn it in a shorter amount of time.

I hope this helps grin

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  • ¿Para qué? La chica habla solo poco español, Chileno, por eso no hay buen razón traducir en Castellano. - FELIZ77 Nov 8, 2011 flag
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No matter which method you try, or how long you spend at it, the most important thing is to find as many opportunities to listen to and to speak the language no matter how poorly you think you're doing.

  • Yes, good advice but people also need guidance, help fand advice rom native teachers or speakers - FELIZ77 Nov 7, 2011 flag
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Hi Icecream and welcome to the forum! We are here to help each other, you can take the lessons and visit the forum to do some practice. But everything depends on you. You are the one who decides how to improve your communication skills, no matter how long it takes, the point is that you feel confident at your Spanish level. I hope to see you around and we´ll be glad to help you along the way. Happy learning! Thank you for trusting in S.D. You´ll love it!

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Hi, you have had good answers from the others. I notice you are learning English too, so I have some corrections for your question.

how can i learn speak spanish fluently in the short time?who can help me then?

How can I learn to speak Spanish fluently in a short time? Who can help me?

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