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I have tried to translate the following sentence: "My shoes are too big".

And I am unsure as to what is the equivalent of "too" in Spanish.

Should it be: "Mis zapatos son demasiado grandes"? Or what xD It sounds weird to me.

While at it, what's the general rule to this kind of expressions?

You are too kind. My brother is too shy. etc.

I think the way "enough" is translated is clear to me at least :p

Thanks in advance!

  • Posted Nov 2, 2011
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"Mis zapatos son demasiado grandes"

is just right.

Demasiado is the way to say "too" in the sense of excessively.

Eres demasiado amable. Mi hermano es demasiado tímido.

In other cases, enough doesn't mean excessively, it means sufficent or adequate (in English, "enough' includes both cases). In this case, use "suficiente".

No hay suficiente amor en todo el mundo.

No tiene suficiente estatura para jugar el básquetbol.

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That's right. Demasiado xxx = too xxx. Too big = demasiado grande, too shy = damasiado tímido.

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I suggest:

Mis zapatos me quedan grandes.

I think that "Mis zapatos son demasiado grandes." gets the idea across, but I think "Mis zapatos me quedan grandes." is the more natural or usual way to say this in Spanish.

If you google both phrases, you get A LOT more hits with the phrase "Mis zapatos me quedan grandes." than with the other phrase. Still, I would love to hear from a native or higher level Spanish speaker on this! I could be wrong.....

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The translator machine gives an accurate translation for this expression on this occasion. It does vary considerably in its accuracy but on this occasion it gives the right translation. I have therefore no hesitation in recommending that you post/write your expression in the box provided and then you will receive the correct answer wink smile grin

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I hope this helps grin

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too big

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