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How do you say "good evening my love" as a greeting to a lover

  • Posted Nov 2, 2011
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Hi! Welcome to the forum smile "Buenas tardes mi amor".

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Hi. I'm just beginning to learn myself however I have been told that "Buenas noches" can be used for saying "good evening" even though it literally translates to "good night" However "Buenas noches" is only used as a greeting and not as a parting. So, "Good evening my love." would be "Buenas noches mi amor." Again I myself am just learning so I'm not 100% sure.

  • You can say "buenas noches" as a form of greeting or a form , but not in the evening, only, say after dinner. - Jeremias Nov 2, 2011 flag
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Coffee is a native, so take her advice over mine, naturally, but you could say:

Buenas noches querido

Noches is feminine, and by convention is also plural for the greeting of "good evening,' so we use buenas, which is an adjective which is both plural and feminine. Querido is the past participle of querer. You would use querida for a woman, and querido for a man. Since your profile says you are a woman, I've assumed you would probably be speaking to a man, so querido works, however if you are speaking to a woman, you should use querida.

Querido may work for family and friends as well, depending on the context.

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"Buenas noches" is only used as a greeting and not as a parting.

This was a good answer except for this. I think really "buenas noches" can be used as a greeting as well as as a parting, but it is true that it is not used in the evening, only at night, and probably after dinner.

Buenas Noches

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Buenos noches

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