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Yo sé que 'irse' no es igual a 'ir', pero me parece que el significado de 'irse' tiene alguna semejanza con 'salir'. ¿Estoy correcto presumir que de vez en cuando puedo usar los dos igualmente?


  • Posted Nov 1, 2011
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  • I think you would say ''usar los dos de manera intercambiable'' - FELIZ77 Nov 1, 2011 flag

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¡Hola!, Phantom00700:

If you do an internet search using the search term "irse + salir" you will get several references/hits that will be very instructive for you. Some hits are at WordReference, some here at SpanissDict and there are others. In the courts they would say this is well ploughed ground. I think you will find your answers easily and it will save lots of rewriting here.

Muchos saludos/Best regards,

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Ir = To go. ---- Salir = To get out, to come out.

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