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I would like my students to read good current event articles about Spanish Speaking countries and report them to class to hel;p them learn about different cultures. For my level one and two classes I think the articles could be in English but for my level three and four group I would like them in Spanish. Any suggestions where I could find good resources?

  • Posted Oct 30, 2011
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The BBC have a great site for news in Spanish link text

  • One nice thing about BBCMundo is that the articles use "nuetral" Spanish. - ElBúho Nov 2, 2011 flag
  • BBC Mundo is very clear and up to date with the news. - annierats Nov 2, 2011 flag
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Thats for your level 1 and 2 classes,

For your 3 and 4 levels you could use:http://www.nacion.com/

I know is only 1 small country but I think that for your purposes that would help

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Here's the link to an amazing website which I've been using for a while link.

  • A great site!! But what is really amazing is the Spanishdict community that contributes all this information .Many thanks . - faliron Nov 2, 2011 flag
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Search for News in slow Spanish, great site. And you can always search for Spanish newspapers online. I also like latino.msn.com

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Another good one is Spanish News Bites.


It a site for learning Spanish and has text at different levels.

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