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  • Posted Oct 26, 2011
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That would be in English: What are you like?

How are you? fine, thanks.

What are you like? I am tall, unbearable...etcraspberry

  • Oh Heidita, you're hardly unbearable! - Elena_Delgad Oct 26, 2011 flag
  • tall ...well yes, maybe ! Unbearable? No - FELIZ77 Nov 8, 2011 flag
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It means "how are you?" - as a person.

Responses could be:

  • Soy introvertido(a)
  • Soy extrovertido(a)
  • Soy feliz
  • Soy serio(a)
  • etc. etc. etc.
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It does not mean How are you

1) ¿Cómo es? - What is he/she like? (to describe personality traits) You are being asked to describe him/her
2) ¿Cómo eres? - What are you like? or What do you look like? (to describe physical appearance). When somebody asks you this question, they are asking you to describe yourself.

By itself, ¿Cómo eres?" is ambiguous. ¿Cómo eres físicamente? clears up the ambiguity, and is asking you, "What are you like physically?", not "how are you physically?", which makes no sense. Cómo in this context does not mean how but is more akin to what + ser (is, was, are).

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There is a video on youtube ( sorry I don't know how to link it) It is called ¿Comó eres? I think it will help .Just a silly song but it applies. Simple animation ,you will know it when you see it . Be careful, listening to it more than once will lead to memorization.

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oops, too tired to think tonight

  • Nope. - jeezzle Oct 26, 2011 flag
  • Como eres, how are you physically etc.... your way of being..... - jeezzle Oct 26, 2011 flag
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You are mistaking "¿cómo eres?" with "¿cómo estás?". If someone ask me ¿Como eres?, I would say, I am tall, well built, 170 pounds, end people say that i am very attractive! wink

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You start by describing what you look like

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¿Cómo eres?

It means what are you like? What kind of person are you?

You would respond by describing yourself:

for example: I am tall, athletic friendly and kind.

= Soy alta, atlética, amistosa y amable.

(If you were a man you would substitute the letter o for the a eg altO or amistosO)

This description can include both physical characteristics and personality traits.

Note for those learning English: What are you like? Can be said as a question but it is often said rhetorically ( ie: not requiring an answer ) as an exclamation. ''What are you like!'' in response to a person behaving in a certain way that can cause a humerous reponse from the person's friends eg Someone has just lost their keys again and a friend responds ''You've lost your keys again? What are you like!''

I hope this helps grin

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  • Mi viaje fue muy bueno y disfruté mucho mis vacaciónes en España, Muchas gracias Luis Saludos:) - FELIZ77 Nov 8, 2011 flag
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Soy alto, mido 1.80, peso 80 kg, uso bigote, soy moreno, etc...

Soy simpático, honesto, considerado, modesto, inteligente, extrovertido, bla, bla, bla...

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It depends...

If it is a question, then all of the previous answers qualify, but if it a statement, then it is like a reproach.

Ah! They way you are/Is this the way things are going to be? etc...

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I usually would answer" He estado bien, y tú?"

  • That would make no sense if you are answering the question ¿Cómo eres?. If you were answering ¿Cómo has estado? it would make sense. - Jack-OBrien Oct 26, 2011 flag
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