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how do you say to a man where are you

  • Posted Oct 26, 2011
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¿Donde estás? (If you know this person and have a friendship or are related to the person), or ¿Donde está? (If you are not quite buddies, related, or related but it is your dad, your boss, the pastor of your church, etc.)

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Hi Olivia I can see you are learning English too. smile Your basic sentence structure in Englsih is fine but you need a capital letter to begin a sentence, Spanish needs a capital letter too and you need a question mark at the end of the sentence. You also need to put the question within a question in speech marks.

how do you say where are you in spanish

Becomes : How do you say 'Where are you? ' in Spanish?

how do you say to a man where are you

Becomes: How do you say to a man 'Where are you?' ?

  • Hola, MaryMcc, or should I call you "condescendingPain"? Now get the stick outta ur butt and quit wasting what should be ur valuable time with correcting other ppl's use of the english language. Ur comment was condescending and unecessary. - gracielou Sep 10, 2013 flag
  • MaryMcc is correct -- it helps people to know correct forms in ENglis or SPanish, gracielou. English and French teacher in Ecuador(How about less sensitive - sueb4bs Sep 24, 2015 flag
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