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How do I say 'keep in touch' or 'lets maintain contact' or 'hope to see you soon' in Spanish?

The context is like this: I met this friend on vacation, now I am back home and so is she, and we might not meet each other physically for many years to come. We have each other's facebook but seldom write to each other there. I want to write this sentence in a postcard to her. Probably at the end of the message. Preferably some sort of salutation or greeting that is commonly used in Latin America, doesn't have to be a direct translation of the phrases above.

Thanks alot!

  • Posted Oct 23, 2011
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3 Answers

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Latin America, Mexico, Central America:

¡Vamos a estar en contacto! (we will keep in touch)

¡Hablamos pronto! (we will talk soon)

No olvides de escribirme! (Don't forget to write)

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Our phrasebook has:

Mantente en contacto

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hope to see you soon- Esperamos verte pronto This may not be accurate But for an extra un bazo is a hug or love and Escribeme(accent over the i) pronto is write to me soon.

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