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Hi all, I'm new here, but I can't find a Spanish word unscrambler and I need to unscramble these words for my Spanish class:

MGEÓINARIC (resultado de la proximidad geográfica de México y los EE.UU.)

CÁUNYAT (península mexicana)

ARSISTUT (el D.F. atrae a miles de ellos)

Also, does anyone know of a good Spanish word unscrambler?

Thanks folks!

  • Jade, while it is true that we tend to learn more on our own, we all need help at some juncture. Empty criticism, however is not that help. - kmaakheru Oct 22, 2011 flag

4 Answers

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Pues, no conozco un "unscrambler" pero las respuestas ya existen por internet...

emigración (yahoo answer 2 years ago) yucatán (google) turistas (also yahoo)

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¡Muchas gracias! I figured out the majority of the words myself; those were the three words I could not figure out. Was there something wrong with my grammar or punctuation???

  • Only very minor, it may have been a typo anyway so I corrected it. - MaryMcc Oct 22, 2011 flag
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If you just need to unscramble the word use a utility like this one [anagram solver utility]. Enter the letters and put between 1 and 1 word. It says your first word is: emigración.

If you know the position of some of the letters (like in the «Guess what's written on this sign» games that we have), then use a Crossword puzzle solver utility.

Google. There are lots of them online. Many allow you to select the language that you want.

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Well, a bit late for me to say it now, but really you are meant to do your own homework. You will learn a lot more that way. next time have a go first and post your answers for correction.

And please be careful with your English punctuation and grammar as there are people here learning English too.

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