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Can you let me know how to say 12PM in Spanish? Also 12AM? That would be really helpful. Thank you!

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For your question I would keep it as simple as possible " mediodía" for noon and "medianoche " for midnight.

I am certain you will receive other answers for this as well.

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12 am (noon) = mediodía

12 pm (midnight) = medianoche

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12 am( las doce de la ma`nana) or (medio dia) depends what you are goin to say for example - they are coming out at 12 noon, thats ( medio dia) or they close at 12 am ( ellos sierran a las doce de la madrugada) 12 pm ( media noche)

  • Doce de la madrugada doesn't exist. It's doce de la mañana. - rpem Oct 19, 2011 flag
  • mañana has an important accent a tilde on the ñ :) - FELIZ77 Oct 19, 2011 flag
  • ellos csierran a las doce - samdie Oct 19, 2011 flag
  • Some punctuation would also be nice. - samdie Oct 19, 2011 flag
  • how can you change n for manana, i dont know how can somebody teach how - guille2011 Oct 20, 2011 flag
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