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supplies in spanish

  • Posted Oct 18, 2011
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Sammie, when I'm going to buy supplies I call them materiales but then that probably doesn't help you much unless you are buying what can also be called materials as in construction materials or supplies. Did you know you can double click on your word to get an answer to that question?

  • I did not know about the double click... hurrah, one more thing I learned on SD. - katydew Oct 18, 2011 flag
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depends on the context, but it would be "provisiones" is most contexts

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Welcome to the forum.

There are several ways to say "supply", depending on context and part of speech. Rather than list all options out, as well as providing context, let me suggest that you go to the very top of this page, next to the Spanishdict logo, where there is a box marked "translate". Type in "supply" and you will see a listing of all the options and examples of their usage.

Come back to the forum if you are uncertain as to which word would be correct for your translation.

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supplies - provisiones (no accent)

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Seems " provisiones" goes more to food and supplies for a military movement or even a restaurant. However when making "provisions" for something " provisiones" is also used.

" Materiales" on the other hand seems to go to construction supplies and materials of that category in general.

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Then where does suministros fit in? I hear that word all the time in movies to mean supplies.

  • Suministros definatley fits in for supplies, - pacofinkler Oct 18, 2011 flag
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