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I haven,t been able to find out the meaning of the word Vamanos. I have heard it a couple of times... would like to find out what it means and also the root form...

  • Posted Oct 17, 2011
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It is a abbreviation of

vamos+nos = vámonos

When these nosotros commands are formed with the pronoun attached, the final s is dropped before attaching the pronoun and an accent mark is used to maintain the stress where it was before the pronoun is attached.

It is the nosotros command for irse.

Let's leave.

Ir is an irregular nosotros command. The affirmative command (non-pronominal) is vamos. (let's go) (present tense indicative mood)

The negative Ir nosotros command uses the present tense, subjunctive mood...no vayamos (let's not go)

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  • ¡muchas gracias amigo! :-) - sandeepsoyel Oct 17, 2011 flag
  • Good response Q However, with respect, shouldn't it be Let's go? from verb ir Let's leave is from verb irse The meaning is similar in English - FELIZ77 Oct 17, 2011 flag
  • but I have always thought that ir and irse carry subtle differences of meaning in Spanish when translated :) - FELIZ77 Oct 17, 2011 flag
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  • :) Una buena respuesta Eddy Yes, it is'' let's go!'' from verb ir :) - FELIZ77 Oct 17, 2011 flag
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Do a search on the forum answers, you'll get lots of useful info.

Beware the correct spelling. Even some well-regarded answers spell it wrong.

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