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What is the colloquial meaning of "vete"?

For instance how would it be used in different contexts or sentences?

  • Posted Oct 12, 2011
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3 Answers

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Is common used as !!Go away!!, but also just as Go

  • Hi Viggo - It is or it's commonly used. - Eddy Oct 12, 2011 flag
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"Vete" means go away! Like "vete de aqui":"go away from here". I also say "sal de aqui":"get out of here". "Sal de mi camino": "get out of my way". "Sal del camino":"get out the way".

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Using " vete" alone is not a very polite. it is as coffelate says," go away"

But now when friends are leaving or taking a trip we say " vete con cuidado" which would be: " go with care".

  • So what does "Vete de mi" mean? I see it is a very popular song in central america. - QueenT26 Jul 29, 2013 flag
  • Its like go away from me - Reid13 Jul 2, 2014 flag
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