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How do you say in Spanish "I am going to find out about that" or "I will look into that"?

  • Posted Oct 12, 2011
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  • Would it be different in Latin America? I am in Colombia. - tabla Oct 12, 2011 flag

3 Answers

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I am going to find out about that = Averiguaré sobre eso

I will look into that = Voy a ver eso/echaré una mirada


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I would say something like:

"Voy a averiguar la verdad." (I'm going to find out the truth)

"Voy a averiguar qué pasó." (I'm going to find out what happened)

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Thank you, Mariana. Those are useful examples. However, I still want to know how to say "I want to find out ABOUT something". Do we use "de", "sobre" or what? And suppose I want to say "I want to find out MORE ABOUT something"?

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