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what does this phrase mean? Quien Sabe?

  • Posted Oct 11, 2011
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6 Answers

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Who knows?

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In México we use ¿Quien sabe? to express that we don't have the answer and we don't know who has it or if it has an answer.

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Quien Sabe?

If it's spelled with a tilde, it's a question. - ¿Quién sabe? - Who knows?

Without the tilde, it's a statement- -quien sabe - who knows.

For instance, - Necesito encontrar a quien sabe la respuesta- I need to find someone who knows the answer.

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-¿Quién era ella?

-Quien sabe.


Who was she?

Who knows.

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Try double-clicking on words on this site - you'll get a popup translation. Great for simple questions about individual words! smile

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--¿Dónde queda Madagascar?

--¡Quién sabe! (sepa, no sé, no tengo idea, I don't have a clue, who knows...)

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