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Antes de la próxima semana, hay que tener los mandatos por terapía física y alguno otro vocabulario para intender el terapisto, porfa.

Before next week, I need as many physical therapy commands that you might encounter in rehabilitation. Can anyone help with any words you think I might need to follow the therapist's instructions?

  • Posted Oct 7, 2011
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3 Answers

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Here are some for directions. Medical Spanish for physical therapists.

Medical Spanish for physical therapists - Directions

This whole section is good

Medical SpanishTexas State

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Hi Katy, I was a physical therapist a while ago and I didn't know any Spanish at the time. I found THIS super valuable. Get it, pronto!

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It would probably help to know what type of physical therapy (reason for) that you are undergoing to know which commands that you are likely to hear.

Reading articles like this one may be a starting point.


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