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Everybody invited, including natives!



We were driving...and one friend said:

¡Mira! ¡Lleva un Kynopu!

LOL jeje So let's see what you can make of this one.

And I just know those great guessers will have a go at it, I am always surprised that you finally come up with an answer!

The challenge: Find out what we were talking about or what he meantwink Please do not google the answerwink And please EXPLAIN your answer! Translate in English

Do not investigate on the web! I want to see what you thought or guessed, not what you found outgrin

If a native has no idea, then guess too, jeje, I was often quite lost when Gekko said some of his sentences.

Anyway, if you are sure, don't say anything until more members have tried their luckwink

  • Posted Oct 6, 2011
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  • I've stared at this word for ten minutes. Pronounced every different way. No idea! :-) - MLucie Oct 6, 2011 flag

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Voy a robar de lorenzo y decir lleva un "quiere y no puede" - para mi son dos posibilidaes - un carro, coche, auto, vehiculo tan vieja y mala que casi no puede andar, pero quiere. O quizas un carro que quiere ser bueno, deportivo, o caro, pero no puede.

  • con esto tenemos ganador, jeje, genial shakedown, :) - 00494d19 Oct 7, 2011 flag
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I looked under Google images for a Kynopu and found this... hahahahaha...it's true, try it!

alt text

  • lol :) - Miro74 Oct 7, 2011 flag
  • jesus, en serio, jejejej, genial - 00494d19 Oct 7, 2011 flag
  • I did it too. I didn't get that one but I did get loads of images from SD. - MaryMcc Oct 7, 2011 flag
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''¡Mira! ¡Lleva un Kynopu!''

= ''Look! He's carrying a Kynopu!'' (A kind of animal or maybe an unsual object) surprised LOL tongue rolleye tongue wink grin

My crazy guess is that one of your passengers noticed and remarked upon someone carrying an animal of some kind on the back of a motorbike!

My answer is due to my vivid imagination combined with my strange sense of homour, Heidi..don't worry, you will get used to it! raspberry tongue wink tongue rolleye smile LOL

  • jejeje, genial y muy creativo, desgraciadamente, no es correcto, amigo:) - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
  • ¡Qué lástima, guapa! Gracias, por tu voto :) - FELIZ77 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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Look, that guy is wearing a designer dress! big surprise

  • lol That's funny, Lorenzo :) - FELIZ77 Oct 6, 2011 flag
  • Even so you could still be correct since llevar means to carry (away)to take or to wear :) - FELIZ77 Oct 6, 2011 flag
  • Lorenzo siempre con sus ideas raras, jeje, pues no, esta vez no, no tiene nada que ver con vestimienta;)+ - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
  • Really funny! - MLucie Oct 6, 2011 flag
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Que no puede.

  • caaaaaaaaaaaasi, estás a punto de resolverlo, jeje, pero falta algo, voy a poner otra pistita - 00494d19 Oct 7, 2011 flag
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Quiere ir no puede.

  • good idea - ianta Oct 7, 2011 flag
  • caaasi, lorenzo, qué pena, jeje, lo tiene la amiga nueva:) - 00494d19 Oct 7, 2011 flag
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Un sombrero de Rusia? A mí esa palabra me parece rusa.

A Russian hat? The word seems Russian to me.

  • rusa, pues no, no es nada ruso. NO tiene que ver con vestidos y sombreros;) - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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Lleva una expresión en su cara que significa que está agotado y quiere ir a la cama.

  • jejeje, eso es lo que llamo creatividad, pero noooooo, nada que ver;) - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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Your friend saw another driver driving his car in the street and he said:

"Mira, lleva un Kynopu", meaning "Look, he's driving a Kynopu".

Kynopu may be a fancy car or an expensive one.

  • whohoooooooooooo, pues esto va llegando, genial ianta....pero no es un coche caro;) tienes que explicar - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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A car so flimsy that it will dent anywhere you push on it.

  • jeje, bueno, eso podría ser verdad, peeeeero, tienes que explicar lo de "Kynopu" ;) - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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Maybe a Kia. . .

  • no, no es una marca conocida, jejejejej, - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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I thought of something else.

Is there a chance the word "Kynopu" is an anagram? It doesn't seem very Spanish to me.

  • bueno, jeje, es una abreviación, sí;) buenas ideas ianta;) - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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I tried to find the word kynopu but it doesn't exist. Then, I checked at the dictionary the letters knp, there is no such a word. But there is the word cnp, meaning de Cuerpo de la Policía Nacional.

Is there a chance your friend saw someone driving a police car?

  • no, no es un coche de policía...esa palabra no tiene por qué existir en realidad;) - 00494d19 Oct 6, 2011 flag
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Aqui no empujar.

Quien no puede.

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"kyno" significa la palabra "keno" que es un juego de suerte y "pu" significa "empujar". Es un vehículo que tienes que empujar porque no funciona bien.

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