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For the English expession 2:00 AM, is it correct to say in Spanish "las dos de la noche" or "las dos de la mañana" or are both correct?

  • Posted Oct 6, 2011
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3 Answers

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Puedes decir "Las dos de la madrugada" "Las 2 de la noche" o "Las 2 de la mañana".

Nosotros usamos mañana for 1.00 AM to 12.00

Madrugada for 1.00 AM to 5.00 AM

Tarde for 13.00 PM to 20.00 PM

Noche for 21.00 PM to 5.00 AM (Normalmente hasta las 24.00 pero se puede usar hasta las 5)

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Yo nunca he escuchado "dos de la noche" usan "dos de la mañana" o "dos de la tarde". Ustad nesicita usar " las dos de la mañana".

I have never heard "dos de la noche" everyone says "dos de la mañana" or "dos de la tarde". The one you need for 2 am is "dos de la mañana". I have also heard "madrugada" used to discribe very early morning.

Hope this helps. = )

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You would say:

Son las dos de la madrugada = It is two o'clock in the early morning

or You could say: (Son) Las 2 de la mañana or (Son) Las 2 de la tarde

= It is two o'clock in the morning or It is two o 'clock in the afternoon.

I hope this helps :-) grin

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