son unos mapas grandes singular form

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Es un mapa grande smile


Take son (third person plural) and change it to es (third person singular).

Take unos (plural masculine indefinite article) and change it to its singular equivalent, un

Mapas, when singular, should be mapa

Change grandes to match in number, which is grande

Here are some more practice problems...

Some indefinite articles may be taken out/added in..

1) Es un hombre guapo [change to plural]

2) Son galletas deliciosas [change to singular]

3) Son chicas talentosas [change to singular]

4) Es una película interesante [change to plural]

5) Son maestros enojados [change to singular]


1)Son hombres guapos

2) Es una galleta deliciosa

3) Es una chica talentosa

4) Son películas interesantes

5) Es un maestro enojado

  • You ask a simple question and what do you get?.... more homework! - 0074b507 Oct 4, 2011


Hi and welcome to the forum. Please use proper capitalization, punctuation and grammar while you are here, so those who are learning are not misled.

This sounds suspiciously like homework. We can't do that for you, forum rules. Please try to do it yourself and post the result. People will gladly correct your errors.

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