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Un amigo mio (colombiano) me envio un msj hoy con la frase "el colmo" ... se que colmo significa "height" pero no lo entiendo en este contexto... la situacion es que yo no conteste cuando el me llamo ayer, y hoy el me envia un msj diciendo " Hola.. el colmo, nunca contestas.. no mentiras" Les agradezcaria cualquer ayuda!

  • Posted Oct 2, 2011
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4 Answers

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Es el colmo is an expression meaning:

El colmo de locura; el limite de lo que se puede tolerar

I can't quite think of an appropriate English phrase - but it would be something to mean that's the height of social inpropriety or something along those lines.

Now in your case, this seems a little extreme, would we agree? So maybe he was slightly irritated or maybe not at all irritated but just being facetiousl.

  • There it is -That's the last straw! Not bad. - Jeremias Oct 2, 2011 flag
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Hey mate! Our dictionary has the following example:

¡eso es el colmo! -> that's the last straw!

...if that's any help. So like a form or degree of being displeased, disgusted or disappointed... now whether it's meant tongue in cheek, that's between the two of you! wink

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Hmm yeah I had already looked in the dictionary and knew the actual meaning, but was wondering if there was any other expression it meant! thanks though!

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I have also heard: "Y para colmo, me robó la comida" = "And to add insult to injury/And to make things worse/And to top it all off, he/she stole my food."

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